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PixCell Medical Technologies is a start-up company developing cell-based diagnostic devices for the point of care. PixCell's technology represents a break-through in live cell diagnosis, allowing for smaller, simpler and inexpensive testers, which are nevertheless accurate and robust.
The company's first product, a Complete Blood Count (CBC) tester, was developed by PixCell's subsidiary HemoScreen. It is a portable, easy to use, inexpensive analyzer that gives immediate results at the point of care. The CBC tester has successfully completed preliminary clinical trials and is currently undergoing design optimization.
PixCell has recently raised further capital and begun developing a miniature immuno-based cell analyzer which can be used for a wide variety of biomarker applications. In the fast-expanding biomarker field, PixCell aims to provide a solution for the growing need of a simple and inexpensive instrument that would benefit from the existence of biomarkers for widespread diseases such as AIDS, Cancer and more.
PixCell's analyzers are based on a unique patented technology that was initially developed at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
PixCell was founded by Prof. Max Herzberg, a leading figure in the biotechnology industry in Israel, and Dr. Avishay Bransky, an expert on microfluidics and the inventor of the technology.
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