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  • Portable
  • Smaller blood samples
  • Non-professional operation
  • Inexpensive and simple
  • Faster turnaround
  • Image archiving


Point of Care (POC) tests are laboratory tests performed in a clinical setting by non-laboratory healthcare professionals. The global POC market was valued in 2008 at $12.6B1.
Complete Blood Count (CBC) is the most basic and frequently ordered hematology test. In the USA more than 200 million CBC tests are performed annually at the point of care2 . CBC is routinely performed in central hematology labs by large and costly machines which use relatively large blood samples.
Due to major technological and financial difficulties, CBC tests have not yet been efficiently implemented in the POC market. PixCell's portable CBC tester is revolutionary in that it combines simplicity and accuracy with low cost.
Immuno-based cell analysis is the core technology behind a large field of applications. PixCell's method is capable of observing fluorescent biomarkers in addition to analyzing morphologies and detecting rare cells; all this by means of quick, easy and reliable tests at the point of care.
Further applications will use PixCell's unique technology in analyzing additional body fluids, in the detection of blood parasites and in the veterinary field.
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