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  • Portable
  • Smaller blood samples
  • Non-professional operation
  • Inexpensive and simple
  • Faster turnaround
  • Image archiving

CBC Tester

PixCell's CBC tester brings the laboratory to the physician's office and to the patient's home, to medical facilities, to isolated communities, emergency rooms, ambulances and even combat units. Requiring only a minute blood sample, it is also ideal for newborns.
PixCell's CBC tester is portable and fast, giving results within 2 minutes. It is revolutionary in that it combines simplicity and accuracy with low cost. Employing a disposable plastic cartridge, PixCell's CBC tester is easy to use, with no expertise or special training required.
The CBC tester is designed to measure all of the CBC parameters, including differential white blood cell count. Image archiving enables access to essential information for further review when needed. The tester has successfully passed preliminary clinical trials, demonstrating high precision and repeatability. It is currently undergoing design optimization.
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