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  • Portable
  • Smaller blood samples
  • Non-professional operation
  • Inexpensive and simple
  • Faster turnaround
  • Image archiving

Immuno-based Cell Analyzer

The immuno-based cell analyzer is an adaptation of PixCell's analyzer for detection and analysis of fluorescent biomarkers. The biomarker detection field represents a huge market (estimated to become $20.5 billion globally by 20141). PixCell intends to fill the current gap between the tremendous amount of biomarker applications that are found and developed on a daily basis, and the technological solution, which is currently complex and expensive.
An example of a widely used biomarker is CD4, characteristic of T-helper cells, used to monitor physical states of immunodeficiency. One such disorder is AIDS caused by the HIV virus, with more than 33 million patients globally2. Sadly, in low- and middle-income countries only about 30% of those in need of treatment have access to it nowadays. Testers that would be widely available, which would allow for discrete testing and on-the-spot reliable result are immensely needed. PixCell's solution will automate the currently manual testing methods and create precision and reproducibility in a fast, cheap, non-tedious test that can be performed by non-professional personnel.
With 8.8 million new cases annually, over $1 billion is spent worldwide on Tuberculosis diagnostics each year, still leaving millions undiagnosed and untreated3. PixCell's technology is capable of taking the current 'gold standard' of a manual sputum smear microscopy to a different level. An automated staining test examining thousands of cells will improve the accuracy of the results while reducing costs, eliminating the need in expert evaluation and making the diagnosis procedure widely available.
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