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  • Portable
  • Smaller blood samples
  • Non-professional operation
  • Inexpensive and simple
  • Faster turnaround
  • Image archiving

Further Applications

Additional body fluids
While many applications of PixCell's technology involve blood analysis, the analyzers can also be used with body fluids other than blood. One example for such an application is the Tuberculosis test which is performed on sputum. Other relevant fluids are the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), the Peritoneal fluid, the Pleural fluid, the Synovial fluid etc. An efficient, low-cost, fully automated method for these fluids' analysis is in great demand.
Blood Parasites
PixCell's technology is most suitable for detection of blood parasites such as Malaria. It allows examination and analysis of hundreds of thousands of cells to detect even very rare occurrences of the parasites.
PixCell's technology is also suitable for providing point of care complete blood count tests and parasite detection for the veterinary market. Such automated tests, widely available and simple to use, can significantly contribute to the faster and better treatment of animals, lowering the costs and saving time, especially in remote locations. Furthermore, requiring only a minute volume of blood, the method is also suitable for birds, reptiles etc.
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