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Viscoelastic Focusing

Viscoelastic Focusing was first discovered at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Particle focusing is an essential requirement for cell analysis in flow. In Viscoelastic Focusing, in a fluid of specific rheological properties, lateral migration of particles results in their perfect alignment at the center of flow. Thus focusing is achieved requiring neither sheath flow nor complex geometries. The method is stable in fluctuations and independent of flow velocity, significantly reducing the complexity of the flow mechanism.
PixCell's technology applies Viscoelastic Focusing to blood cells. The cells flowing through a microchannel are focused into a single plane, which enables their optical detection and analysis.
The unique Viscoelastic Focusing based method enables:
  • Scaling down the apparatus to a portable size
  • Using a most simple, inexpensive, disposable plastic cartridge
  • Point of care use, thanks to simplicity & lower costs
  • Obtaining results within minutes
  • Using small blood samples (micro-liters)
  • Optically recording morphological data
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