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Single-use Cartridge

The secret is in the simplicity…
PixCell's analyzer uses disposable cartridges which prevent cross-contamination thus significantly reducing the need in device maintenance. With a mere drop of blood needed for complete analysis, the performance of a test using the cartridge is exceptionally easy and does not require any special training.
Using PixCell's unique method, a simple flow chamber is sufficient for cellular focusing, unlike the complex chambers required for hydrodynamic focusing. In accordance, PixCell's patent-protected cartridge design is unique: On the one hand, the cartridge is accurate and very robust in evaluating very small samples of blood, mixing it with reagents in several steps and generating flow of the cell suspension through the inspection zone; On the other hand, it is simple to produce by injection molding and it contains no moving parts, thus complementing the high accuracy with low cost for a single-time use.

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